Rights During a Medical Exam

Rights During a medical exam you have certain rights and responsibly

The defense can ask that you are examined by an independent doctor’s rights during a medical exam.
Before you see that doctor you must understand they are not unbiased. They will try to prove you do not have a case.
On the day of the exam you have some rights:
– You can refuse an invasive test or refuse to have blood taken
– Refuse an x-ray, MRI or CT scan
– Refuse any injections
– You must be given an exam gown to wear
– You must be treated with respect
– If you feel your rights are violated you must immediately call your personal injury lawyer
You do have some responsibilities during this exam
– Best honest and do not exaggerate how you are feeling
– Answer what you are asked. Do not give additional information
– Respect the attorney and client privilege. Do not talk to the doctor about your case
– Do not talk to the medical staff about liability in your case
– Do not sign anything that is given to you by the doctor
– You must also be respectful to the doctor and the medical staff that you are seeing.

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