Public Opinion and Personal Injury

Insurance Carries have gotten more difficult to work with over the years. There are some reasons why.
Public Dislike for lawyers
In general the public does not care for lawyers. They are made fun of in social media as well.
Dislike for Personal Injury
The general public also dislikes personal injury lawyers. They are often met with scorn and resentment.
Exaggerated News Coverage
The media blows things out of proportion. Many people have read that McDonalds was sued for millions due to spilled coffee. The medical provided inaccurate information. The public did not hear several important details about the case. They were disclosed for the lawyers:
• McDonalds would not offer a settlement or respond to a settlement request before the verdict was given
• There have been hundreds of lawsuits prior to this made against McDonalds for hot coffee
• The plaintiff was not trying to open the coffee. She was driving while taking a sip of coffee
• She did receive serious burns
• McDonalds was found at fault because they did not warn customers that the coffee was so hot that it may cause burns
• The verdict was in fact reduced by the judge
Trail attorneys do lose if they cannot provide damage. The jury felt they had a duty to do something about the lawsuits in this country.

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