Insurance Low Balling

Claim on Insurance Low Balling

To help claimants their representatives may say the claim is being reduce and will be paid tax free. They are taking credit for the taxation that the claimant has to pay when earning money.
Attorney Leverage
The representative can determine if a claimant hates their lawyer and can offer a very low settlement. They will have no other alternative but to accept this low claim.
No Ask, No Receive
A claimant has to ask what is paid for. If they do not ask they do not get anything. An insurance company may disclose their rights. The claimant has to ask about their rights and what they are entitled to. They should not have to make guesses about their coverage and what benefits they are entitle to after they have experienced a loss.
Structured Settlement
The representative may try to force the claimant to take a structured payment. They may discourage against taking a lump sum of cash. A structured settlement will pay a claim over time and not give a lump sum. Insurance companies try to avoid paying out lump sums for their own gain.
No Value
Insurance companies may refuse to pay diminution value. Certain makes or models of car when damaged and repaired will lose part of their original value.

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