How Lawyers Use Art of Questioning to Obtain Answers

Strategy of Art of Questioning to Obtain Answers

Getting the answers they want out of witnesses can be a challenging task for attorneys. An attorney may focus on one particular issue and keep pressuring the witness with questions until he or she either provides the answer the attorney wants or becomes nervous and attempts to avoid the question. Many times, these stalling techniques used by witnesses are indications that they know the truth but or unwilling to come out and say it. Asking the same question in different ways is another tactic a good attorney will use to get the answer he or she desires. Evading questions sometimes work, however, a skillful attorney will continue the line of questioning until the witness gives up and realizes there is nowhere to hide.

If a witness is particularly good at avoiding and evading questions, by giving only half-truths or only giving vague answers, then the attorney may look for signs that the witness knows more than he or she is telling. These signs or tells are usually done unconsciously by witnesses. Once the attorney has an idea that the witness actually knows more, he or she can continue the questions until the witness gives up the right answer. A skillful and experienced attorney understands that most people under oath want to tell the truth.

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