Pre Settlement Considerations

Pre Settlement Considerations on Personal Injury

When thinking of pre settlement considerations be sure to look at all sources of insurance coverage. Your personal injury lawyer will check for all sources of funds that you can recover. This is very important if an insurance policy has a low limit for car accident damages.
The lawyer will look for additional funding sources in the following situations:
1. You are hit by a teenager that has $25,000 of liability coverage. You lost a leg and will need more money. While their insurance may cover the $25,000 your lawyer will look for more sources for coverage.
Before accepting the policy limit you lawyer will check with the following sources to recover money:
• Who owns the car? They may be liable for the actions of neglect from the teenager.
• Is the teenager a college student? Are they covered by their parents or supported by them?
• Are the parents divorced? How much time do they spend with each parent?
• Are there siblings that are in school? If they live with an older sibling they may be under their policy.
• Does your under insurance cover anything?
• Was the teenager intoxicated? If so the person who gave them alcohol may have some liability

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