What to Expect at a Slip and Fall Deposition

Slip and Fall Deposition

When any lawsuit is filed, both parties in the suit must be part of the legal process known as “discovery.” During discovery, each party asks questions in an attempt to determine what the other side knows, or claims, about the incident that lead up to the lawsuit. This process plays out in the form of an interview, except the answer to every question is carefully recorded. The person who is answering the questions must answer truthfully or face the penalty of perjury.

Questions that Might Be Asked During a Slip and Fall Deposition

1. Do you have a history that is relevant to the fall?

  • Any form of epilepsy?
  • High or low blood pressure?
  • Are you diabetic?
  • Any heart problems?
  • Any numbness of the face, arm or legs?
  • Any percentage of clogged arteries?
  • History of TIA or transient stroke?
  • History of dizziness?
  • Hearing difficulties?

Do you have any medical history that affects:
– your legs?
– your feet?
– your vision?

  • Do you have the same vision in both eyes?
  • Are you supposed to wear glasses? What prescription?
  • When was your last eye exam?
  • What doctor has the history of your vision?
  • Do you have restrictions on your drivers license that requires you to wear glasses?

– Do you have any history of deficiencies with your other senses?
– What medications did you take the week of your fall?
– What medications do you take daily?
– What are the side effects of your medication?
– Your history of side effects in relation to your medication.

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