Slip and Fall Deposition Questions

Slip and Fall Deposition Questions & Answers

In a slip and fall case a deposition is when lawyers try to determine what the opposing party knows or claims about the incident in question. A deposition is similar to an interview where questions are asked, answered, and recorded. If a person lies they can face perjury charges.
There are some common questions a person may be asked regarding their slip and fall case. These questions include:
• information about their medical history before the accident
• if they have epilepsy
• if they have issues of high blood pressure
• if they have diabetes
• if they have any kind of heart trouble
• if they have numbness or weakness in their arms, legs, of the face
• if they have clogged arteries
• if they suffer for TIA. This is a medical condition where blood flow to the brain is interrupted for a brief period of time. This can happen without any warning
• if they have feelings of dizziness
• if they have any issues with their hearing
• if there were any medical issues with the legs
• questions about vision including glasses, contacts, ect
• When was the last time the eyes were examined and the doctor that performed this exam
• any restrictions on driving privileges
• any problems with the senses
• any and all medications being used
• any side effects from these medication

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