case value

Case Value. Expectations, Witnesses, Venue

Your expectations:
Lawyers will attempt to temper your expectations for several reasons, but they may go the extra yard for a client that is more appreciative of the task and efforts. They temper expectations because there are multiple variables that will affect the size of the settlement. These include the quality of witnesses and medical testimony, and the level of the defendant’s negligence.

Witnesses Quality:

Expert and non-expert witnesses will greatly impact the size of the settlement. If witnesses are family only, they are not as potentially strong as supporting impartial witnesses. Additionally, doctor cooperation will also be key to the settlement amount. Witnesses are the evidence in this case, so the case is mainly as strong or weak as those witnesses.


In some places, the verdict is simply naturally low as compared to other areas. In fact, many states have had only a handful of million dollar verdicts. However, other states may have close to five hundred settlements that exceed this value. This means that the possible settlement must be tempered as compared to other settlements in that particular area because that factor is as important as any other factor in the case.

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