Dog Bite Cases

Personal Injury – Dog Bite Cases

There is always a ton of controversy that surrounds dog bite cases and the fact that these types of attacks often take place very quickly and are usually very chaotic situations, it can be very difficult to figure out exactly what happened and come to a resolution. There are a bunch of things that come into factor when you are looking at this type of case, such as who, if anyone saw the attack and especially if the witnesses were neutral or not. If the witnesses to the attack are friends or family of either the victim or the dog owner, they may have a big reason to not be honest. The people who get the most sympathy in these cases are typically young children and the elderly, as they are the most defenseless, which is going to also be considered. They will look at the dogs history and try to determine whether the dog does in fact have an aggression problem, but the biggest single factor that they are going to look at in the case of a dog biting someone is the total damage that was inflicted. The greater the damage, the worse the case is for the dog and owner.

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